Our Second Annual Presentation Ceremony was held at Hyogo mosque and Jan Academy. Alhamdulillah two boys and one girl has completed Nazira of Al Quran Al Kareem as well as memorization of many surahs of Al Quran Al Kareem (at least 10 surah) Hadith, masnoon duaas and the basic teachings of Islam. In the end of program students are appreciated and awardad presents by the President of Hyogo mosque and Jan Academy Mr Nazar Muhammad Jan. In Sha Allah our next program will be held in the first week of March 2020.


Jan Academy organized winter vacation classes from December 26th 2018 to Jan 05th 2019 at Hyogo mosque & Jan Academy. Study hours were from 11:00am to 03:00pm. Daily number of students was 45 to 50. The programme was to conduct studying Quran with tajweed & basic rules of Qira'at, Islamic principles and correction in the Salah to make the students to know about the Islamic knowledge. The students along with their teachers organized a class for basic teachings and manners (Aadaab) too. The aim of this program was to emphasized the creative attributes and interest of the students and creat the awareness among the people. The president of Jan Academy Mr Nazar Muhammad Jan appreciated the students for their performance and awarded each student a present. The honourable president said that environmental awareness is not only the responsibility of the teachers and students but of the parents too. Jan Academy also arranged the lunch for all the students and staff as well.

This mosque in Japan, the Hyogo Mosque, opened recently remains a centre for prayer.

On 2nd of November 2018, First Annual ceremony is held at Hyogo Mosque by Jan Academy. Alhamdulillah, in 2018, 3 girls and 4 boys are rewarded by Complete Nadhira of Quran e Karim as well as stu-dents also memories many surah’s of Quran e Majid, All the students have memorized at least 10 surah’s of Quran Majid and Hadith as well the basic followings of Is-lam. Some children got awarded for their good performance and Activeness. In sha Allah our 2nd program will be held on 2nd of march 2019.